Are Bomber Jackets Supposed to be Short?

Bomber jackets have become a style staple in recent times, but what many people don't know is that they are actually supposed to fit differently than regular coats. Specifically, bomber jackets are meant to end at the hip rather than come down over the upper thighs like a normal coat might.

How To Make Sure Your Bomber Fit Right

Pro Tip: When looking for the perfect bomber jacket, always make sure to measure from shoulder to mid-hip. This ensures that you get the perfect fit that will give you enough freedom of movement while still looking stylish.

Why Cut Your Jacket Short?

Having your bomber jacket end at the hip is an intentional design choice. This length gives wearer's more freedom of movement and allows their arms to move freely without getting constricted by extra fabric. It also adds a bit of street style and coolness factor to any outfit, making it the perfect go-to for casual occasions.

Changes in Fit

It's important to note that although most bomber jackets are designed with this mid-thigh cut for maximum mobility, there will still be some variations depending on the design and material used. For example, denim bombers usually fit slightly shorter than leather ones as they are meant to look more rugged and casual compared to classier leather variants.

How To Make Sure Your Bomber Fits Right

To ensure that your bomber fits correctly, take measurements from your shoulder down towards your hips while keeping both arms by your sides. The length should end just above the hip bones so that no extra fabric hangs down lower than necessary. This will give you the best balance of comfort and style when wearing your bomber jacket so make sure you keep this in mind next time you purchase one!


Bomber jackets have become a style staple in today's fashion landscape and knowing the right fit for one is essential. Although they are typically cut short to give your arms enough freedom of movement, there can still be slight variations depending on the design and material used. It's important to keep this in mind when shopping for your next bomber jacket so that you get the most out of its style and comfort!


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