Denim jackets are a classic wardrobe staple that can be found in virtually any closet. But one of the biggest questions people ask about them is: Are denim jackets warm? The answer to this question is both yes and no. On the one hand, denim does not retain body heat as well as some other fabrics, such as wool or down. On the other hand, denim is made from thick cotton fibers, which makes it durable and water resistant enough to protect you from cold temperatures. This article will explore some of the ways to make your denim jacket warmer so you can wear it comfortably all year round.

How to Make a Denim Jacket Warmer

Pro Tip: Here's a pro tip for wearing denim jackets: If you find that your jacket isn't providing enough warmth, try switching out your usual t-shirt or tank top for a long sleeve shirt or thermal undershirt. This will help to keep you extra warm and insulated on cold days.

How to Make a Denim Jacket Warmer

  1. Layer Up: One of the simplest ways to make a denim jacket warmer is to layer up! If you’re wearing a thin t-shirt underneath your jacket, consider swapping it out for something thicker like a hoodie or sweater. Layering up will help trap more of your body heat inside the jacket and keep you warmer overall.

  2. Find an Insulated Jacket: If your current denim jacket isn’t providing enough warmth, try finding one that’s insulated with either synthetic or down fillings for extra coziness. Look for additional features like drawstrings at the hemline and cuffs; these help seal in warmth and block cold drafts from seeping in around your wrists or waist.

  3. Choose Heavier Weight Denim: Another way to make sure your denim jacket keeps you warm is by choosing one that has a heavier weight fabric— typically 10 ounces or higher (ounces per square yard). Heavier weight denims have thicker fibers that provide greater insulation than lighter ones do, making them ideal for colder climates where temperatures dip below freezing during winter months.


Denim jackets may not be as warm as some other materials, but they can still provide adequate protection against cold temperatures with the right care and precautions taken beforehand. By layering up with additional clothing items, investing in an insulated version or opting for heavier weight fabric, you can make sure your denim jacket keeps you cozy all season long!


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