Can You Dry Clean a Leather Jacket?

Dry cleaning is an effective way of keeping your clothes and other fabrics looking their best – but can you use this method on leather jackets too? The answer is yes, although it's important to note that dry cleaning is not always the best option and there are certain things to consider first. Read on below as we break down the most important aspects of dry cleaning a leather jacket and how to do it safely.

Consider Its Quality Leather Jacket

Consider Its Quality

The quality of your leather jacket will play a big role in deciding if it’s suitable for dry cleaning or not – thinner cuts such as lambskin don’t hold up well against harsh chemicals and may end up getting damaged so these should be washed by hand only (more details on this later). On the other hand, heavier pieces like cowhide/deerskin tend to fare better when put through a dry cleanser as long as they are not exposed to too much heat or strong detergents!

Test With Care

Before applying any commercial products to a leather item it's always advisable to conduct a patch test first; this allows you to check the reaction of the material with the selected cleaner before going ahead with full-on treatment. To do this apply some of the product onto an inconspicuous area such as inside the cuff or collar then wait 24 hours; if no reaction occurs then you’re good to go!

Wash By Hand Instead

Hand washing is often seen as less “harsh” than its commercial equivalent, making it ideal for use on delicate materials such as lambskin. Fill up a basin or tub with warm water mixed together with specialized detergent specifically designed for use on leather (check the label first) then submerge your item into mixture, gently agitating until clean. Once done, rinse off any soap residues thoroughly before laying out on flat surface for air drying.


It is possible to dry clean a leather jacket – however, it's important that care is taken at all times due to chemicals used in the process which can cause damage depending on what type of material you have. If in doubt go for hand washing instead – fill up a basin/tub with warm water mixed together with specialized detergent specifically designed for use on leather then gently agitate before rinsing off any soap residues thoroughly followed by laying out flat for air drying!


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