Can You Wear A Denim Jacket With Jeans?

Denim jackets are the perfect addition to any outfit and can be worn for both casual and dressy occasions. But how do you style a denim jacket with jeans?

Mixing Light and Dark Denim Jacket

Mixing Light and Dark Denim

A great way to style denim on denim is by mixing light and dark pieces. For example, pair a light colored denim jacket with dark blue jeans. The contrast between the two pieces will give your outfit an interesting look. If you want to go for something subtler, opt for two similar shades of denim like medium wash or even black. This creates a more unified look while still bringing together two classic pieces of clothing.

Keeping It Casual

You can keep things casual by wearing your favorite sneakers or boots when wearing a denim jacket with jeans. This allows you to create a more laidback aesthetic without sacrificing style. To complete the look, add a simple t-shirt or plain tank top underneath the jacket.

Dressing Up Your Look

If you want to give your ensemble an elevated finish, try layering on a blazer over your denim jacket and pairing it with dressier shoes like loafers or oxfords. To further dress up your look, opt for fitted black jeans in place of regular blue jeans and tuck in a crisp button-down shirt underneath the blazer.

Dos and Don’ts 


  • Pick a jacket that fits well and is comfortable.

  • Experiment with different styles to find your favorite.

  • Wear the jacket open or closed depending on the look you're going for.

  • Layer other clothing items like sweaters, blazers, and vests over your denim jacket.

  • Accessorize with jewelry, scarves, hats, or sunglasses to complete your outfit.


  • Don't choose a denim jacket that is too big or too small as it will negatively affect the look of your outfit.

  • Don't wear two denim pieces that are the same color and wash as this can create an outdated look.

  • Don't forget to pair your denim jacket with coordinating shoes for a cohesive style.

  • Don't forget about washing instructions - many jackets should be washed by hand and hung dry to preserve their shape.


Wearing a denim jacket with jeans is an easy way to create stylish looks that range from casual weekend wear to dressier office attire. No matter what combination of items you choose, don't forget to accessorize with jewelry, scarves or hats for that extra touch of personality!


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