Can You Wear a Leather Jacket in the Summer?

As any fashion enthusiast will tell you, leather jackets are a great way to add style and sophistication to any look. But with the heat of summer looming over us, it can be difficult to imagine wearing leather without feeling uncomfortable or overheating. Fortunately, there are ways around this! By following some simple strategies and guidelines, you too can rock the leather jacket look while staying cool during the hotter months.

Opt For Looser Styles in Leather Jackets in Summer

Choose Lightweight Materials

When shopping for a leather jacket, it’s important to consider what materials have been used as part of its construction. Leather by itself is relatively lightweight so opting for softer versions such as lambskin or calfskin can make a difference when it comes to comfort levels throughout the day – these materials tend to be more breathable than heavier ones meaning your body temperature won’t drastically increase when wearing them outdoors. Alternatively, consider opting for faux leather jackets as these typically boast synthetic fibers which provide better air circulation than their real counterparts.

Opt For Looser Styles

Leather jackets come in various styles and silhouettes – choosing one that fits loosely on the body is key to beating the heatwave while still achieving that fashionable edge! Look out for structured pieces with multiple buttons or zippers as these will allow you to adjust the fit depending on how warm or cold it is outside; single-breasted designs are always popular choices during summertime due to their roomy fit. If possible, try on different styles before deciding on one that best suits your needs – this should help reduce sweating and overheating while keeping you stylishly dressed all season long!

Include Layers When Wearing

A great way of keeping cool while wearing a leather jacket in summertime is by layering underneath it – thin cotton shirt or knits work best here thanks to their breathability properties. Adding layers also means you'll have an extra layer of protection against UV rays too! Furthermore try mixing fabrics when putting together your outfit (denim jeans + chiffon blouse + light-weight scarf) – this should help keep temperatures down without compromising on your signature look!

Accessories Are Your Friend

Accessories are often overlooked when putting together outfits but they can actually help make all the difference during those warmer months! Consider investing in a bandana or lightweight shell scarf which not only keep temperatures at bay but also add color and texture to your ensemble – straw fedoras/caps also come highly recommended as they provide additional shade against direct sunlight exposure at no additional cost! Additionally don't forget sunglasses either – they're not only fashion staples but offer vital protection from harmful UV rays too!

Do Celebrities Wear Leather Jackets in Summer? 

Yes, celebrities wear leather jackets in the summer. Though they are often paired with lightweight items like chiffon blouses or lightweight knitwear to keep them cool. Celebrities also use accessories like caps and sunglasses to provide additional shade and protection from UV rays. Additionally, lighter colored leather jackets tend to absorb less heat than darker ones, so opt for pastel shades if possible.


It is possible to wear a leather jacket even in hot weather if you take into account certain factors like material choice, fit and accessories. Remember that lighter colors tend to absorb less heat than darker ones so opt for pastel shades if possible. Also consider including layers such as chiffon blouses or lightweight knitwear plus accessories like caps/scarves/sunglasses before heading out – this should help reduce sweat levels while ensuring maximum comfort during your journey!


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