How to Attach a Sleeping Bag to a Backpack?

When you’re out camping or on a multi-day hike, having extra space in your backpack can be invaluable. One way to free up some room is by attaching your sleeping bag to the outside of your pack. Here are some steps and tips to help you do just that.

Can I attach my sleeping pad as well

Step 1: Secure the Straps

The first step is securing the straps of the sleeping bag so they won’t get tangled while being attached. Take one end of the strap and begin threading it through the loops or daisy chains at different points on your backpack, then back through itself until it is secure. Make sure you leave enough slack so that you can pull the strap tight when needed.

Step 2: Attach to Bottom of Pack

Once both straps are threaded and tightened, move onto attaching them to the bottom of your backpack. Find two buckles or D-rings along with corresponding loops or webbing straps on either side of your backpack and attach each end of your sleeping bag by clipping them through these points and fastening tightly with clips or clips/hooks (depending on what type of system is used).

Step 3: Secure Loose Ends

To make sure everything stays in place securely, tie off any loose ends from both straps by looping them around themselves twice before knotting into a “figure 8” shape – this will ensure that nothing comes undone during transit!


Can I attach my sleeping pad as well? 

Answer: Yes, using similar methods as those listed here but make sure they are secured firmly! Additionally, consider packing lighter items like clothing inside the sleeping pad before attaching it to the outside of your pack - this will reduce bulkiness and make for an overall more secure attachment.

Will this be safe if I have to jump on a train or bus suddenly? 

Answer: Yes - as long as you have taken all necessary steps to properly and securely attach everything listed above, then it should stay in place even under some rough movement! Just remember not to overload yourself too much with items though; that can put unnecessary strain on your shoulders!

Pro Tip: If possible, try getting sleeping bags with specialized attachment systems like straps with buckles instead of traditional cinch cords; these will provide better reliability and keep them securely fastened no matter what kind of terrain you may encounter!


Attaching your sleeping bag to the outside of your backpack is a great way to save space and make carrying extra items easier. It is important to ensure that you securely attach the straps, clip them through buckles or D-rings on the bottom of your pack and tie off any loose ends before setting out. Don’t forget about using specialized attachment systems for added reliability. With these tips in mind, you will be ready to travel lightly and comfortably!


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