How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets are classic items of fashion; however, they can become prone to wrinkles over time – either through wear or simply exposure to heat sources such as a car. Thankfully, caring for your leather jacket is simple and we've outlined the steps below on how to get rid of any pesky creases in order to restore its former glory!

Use a Cloth for Leather Jacket

Use a Cloth

First up is using a soft cloth to smooth out any wrinkles. Make sure the material is dry before you start and gently dab away at the area until the crease fades away – being careful not to rub too harshly so that you don't damage the fibers! This method works best for minor wrinkles but if your item is showing more permanent signs then move onto step two…

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning will help remove deep-seated lines and puffiness which may have become embedded into the fibers over time. Investing in a good quality steamer or steam cleaner can be beneficial here; these devices make use of hot steam to break down tough creases whilst also replenishing lost moisture back into the leather's surface.

Hang it Up

The final step is to hang up your jacket in an airy space where it won't be exposed directly sunlight for long periods; this helps its fabric retain moisture as well as drying out naturally any excess humidity that may have caused unwanted wrinkles in the first place. It's important not hang heavy objects from it however (such as keys) as this could weigh down its shape even more!


Wrinkles can easily occur on leather jackets over time, most often due to exposure to heat sources or just general wear. Removing them isn't difficult though - all you need is a soft cloth, a steamer/steam cleaner and some patience. Gently dab away at any minor lines before moving onto deeper creases with steam cleaning technology - restoring suppleness and hydration back into your garment alike! Finally don’t forget to hang up your item in an airy space without any additional weight – this will disperse humidity better allowing it retain its structure much longer!


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