How to Pack an External Frame Backpack?

Are there certain types of bags better suited for hiking trips

An external frame backpack is a great way to get all your gear and supplies securely in one place. However, packing effectively can be difficult without proper preparation. Here are some tips on how to pack the perfect external frame backpack for whatever outdoor adventure you may be planning.


  1. Create a list of items you plan to bring before packing your bag; this will help make sure you don’t forget anything essential!

  2. Start by packing smaller items first and fill any internal pockets available within the bag; this ensures that everything stays organized once inside.

  3. Place heavier items such as food or cooking equipment towards the bottom of the pack; this helps with balance while walking around with the frame on your back.

  4. For clothing items, try folding them instead of rolling; this prevents overly bulky pockets from forming at the edges of your bag during transit.

  5. Double check that all zippers are closed and nothing essential has been left behind!

Dos & Don'ts:


  • Utilize any straps or adjustable buckles on the outside of your bag for more secure carrying when necessary

  • Use additional containers/pouches for small objects like phones, wallets or keys so they don't sink to the bottom and become forgotten


  • Place any sharp objects directly against your body while wearing the frame - these can cause discomfort if not properly secured within a pocket or strapped onto another area outside of the backpack

  • Fill up too much space within your bag; it's always better to leave room for souvenirs or other items that may come up during your trip!


Are there certain types of bags better suited for hiking trips?

There are various packs designed specifically for different purposes (hiking/camping, city exploration, etc.). Make sure to do research beforehand so you choose one that fits best with what you plan to do.

Is there anything else I should consider bringing?

Always remember basic safety equipment such as flashlights, knives/multi-tools, maps and even waterproof layers in case of inclement weather during your excursion!

Pro Tip: Securely attach trekking poles onto extra straps located on external frames when possible; this helps keep everything under control so you don't have to worry about them falling off while in motion!


Packing an external frame backpack doesn’t have to be complicated; following these tips along with researching any special needs depending on where you plan on going can make it enjoyable! With careful planning and organization, all that remains is having fun wherever adventure takes you!


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