How to Shrink a Leather Jacket?

It's all too easy for leather jackets to stretch out of shape or become too big over time – but thankfully there are methods available which can help shrink them back down. Here we've broken down the steps in detail, so that you can restore your jacket to its original size and fit with ease.

Heat Treatment to shrink leather jacket


The first step is washing; fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and a drop of mild detergent (avoid any harsh soaps!) before immersing the entire jacket in it. Leave this on the side for around 30 minutes before removing and lightly rinsing off with fresh cold water – don't wring out just yet!

Dry With Care

Next up is to lay it flat on a dry surface and let it air dry away from any direct heat sources (such as radiators). As the water evaporates, the leather will gradually start to shrink however try not to apply any manual pressure at this stage - otherwise you may cause unwanted creases or stretched lines. Once completely dry, hit it with some talcum powder if desired; this helps maintain suppleness and absorb any excess moisture still present in its fibers.

Heat Treatment

Lastly is heat treatment if desired – place your garment onto an ironing board before lightly steaming its surface area with an iron set at low/medium temperature (anything hotter than this risks causing damage!). Move the device around slowly and keep it moving rather than staying in one spot too long –this will ensure even shrinking throughout while also preserving texture integrity!


Leather jackets can sometimes stretch out over time making them uncomfortable or loose fitting - thankfully though you can easily fix this using simple tools at home. Start by washing your item using warm water and mild soap before drying out flat without applying manual pressure; then, continue by gently steaming its surface area with an iron set at low/medium temperature for even shrinking throughout! Finally don't forget to use talcum powder afterwards; this will help Lock-in hydration whilst also reducing wrinkles from forming overtime - thus leaving your garment looking as good as new again!


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