What to Wear with a Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets are an iconic item of apparel – and with the right accessories they can take any look from sophisticated casual to modern chic.

Here we have outlined some key guidelines for success, allowing you to be the envy of all your friends in no time!

Keeping it Comfortable in Leather Jacket

Choosing a Color & Style

When looking for leather jackets start by taking into account both your body shape and personal style. Keep in mind that although darker shades tend to be more popular, lighter colors such as pastels can also be used just as effectively if done so tastefully! Additionally always look out for quality craftsmanship too – it helps ensure that garments will last longer whilst also giving an air of confidence whenever wearing them.

Picking Out Accessories

Accessories should ideally compliment rather than contrast the jacket itself –start off by picking out some boots or shoes that match its color scheme, then add on necklaces or scarves depending on preference afterwards. You may also want to consider wearing different textures such as woolen turtlenecks, which add a further layer of interest when layered beneath the leather itself.

Keeping it Comfortable

Finally don’t forget about comfort when putting together outfits; although leather looks great it is not known for being particularly breathable either! Pairing with lightweight fabrics like cotton during warmer months eases this issue whilst also still looking stylish at the same time - thus allowing you to stay cool throughout long days out whatever season it may be.

Further Tips

Here are some extra tips to make sure you get the most out of your leather jacket outfits!

  • Consider including belts when wearing leather jackets – this helps pull together any look, plus it also helps emphasise waistlines too.

  • Lace up boots and loafers can be an effective addition, as these add a hint of formality to otherwise laidback appearances.

  • If looking to dress down instead opt for sneakers such as Converse – they come in all sorts of designs and styles so definitely worth experimenting with!

  • Finally if you're looking to stay warm during colder months consider adding gloves, scarves and hats - these may not be an essential part of outfits but they do help retain heat very effectively!


Leather jackets are timeless fashionable - but with the right accessories they can truly come alive! Start by choosing a suitable color and style that best matches your figure and preferences before picking out matching boots/shoes thereafter. Consider adding in other textures such as woolen turtlenecks next, before ensuring overall comfort through pairing with lightweight fabrics on warmer days. With these tips you'll soon have a multitude of amazing looks at hand ready for any occasion - earning appreciative glances wherever you go!


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