How to Light a Backpacking Stove?

Before you can get cooking with your backpacking stove, you must first understand how to properly light it. Doing so is pretty simple but there are some important tips and tricks that you should know in order to maximize its performance and minimize potential hazards. Keep reading for more information about safely lighting your backpacking stove!

How long will my backpacker's stove stay lit after I light it

Steps for Lighting Your Backpacking Stove:

  1. Inspect all parts of the stove to make sure everything is functioning properly before proceeding further.

  2. Put your fuel tank on top of the burner unit, making sure the fuel lines are connected properly and securely tightened if necessary.

  3. Open up the valve or pump handle depending on which type of backpacking stove model you have by turning it clockwise until fully open (the valve handle should be horizontal).

  4. Make sure there’s no wind blowing near where you plan on setting up camp before attempting to light your backpacking stove!

  5. Ignite your stove by using either a lighter or matchstick from a safe distance (at least 1 foot away from the device).

  6. Once lit, add fuel via the nozzle at any time in order to keep it lit longer and achieve optimal temperatures!

Common FAQs about Lighting a Backpacking Stove:

Is it safe to use matches or lighters for lighting my backpacking stove?

Yes it is safe provided that you do so from a safe distance (at least one foot away) and as long as there is no wind blowing nearby when attempting ignition!

How long will my backpacker's stove stay lit after I light it?

This depends heavily on how much fuel was used during ignition and how often additional fuel was added while running but generally speaking most backpacking stoves will remain lit anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour depending on conditions such as temperature outside etcetera..

Pro Tip: Keep some spare matches or lighters handy just in case your initial attempt fails! That way you don’t have to worry about having another delay and can get cooking quicker!


Lighting up your backpacking stove doesn't have to be complicated if done according to these instructions! Follow this step-by-step guide for properly igniting this important piece of equipment and always remember helpful FAQs as well as our pro tip about having spare matches/lighters just in case! Have fun camping and happy cooking everyone!


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