How to Pack a Sleeping Bag in a Backpack

Packing a sleeping bag into your backpack can be challenging and time consuming if done incorrectly. Before you head out on your next camping trip or outdoor adventure take some time to learn how to properly pack your sleeping bag! Not only will this ensure that it fits properly in your bag, but it will provide extra space for all of your other essentials. Keep reading for more information about correctly packing your sleeping bag!

Steps for Packing Your Sleeping Bag in Your Backpack

Steps for Packing Your Sleeping Bag in Your Backpack:

  1. Start by lightly shaking/fluffing up the sleeping bag before rolling it up tight starting from one end. Once the roll is complete make sure it’s tightly bound with either elastic straps or tight knots at both ends.

  2. Place the rolled up sleeping bag into your backpack, making sure that the heavier items are placed towards the center and top portion of the main compartment (this will help balance out the weight).

  3. Place additional items such as clothes, food or hiking accessories around or on top of the sleeping bag for added cushioning and protection.

  4. Securely tighten any exterior straps of the backpack so that nothing shifts during transport (this also helps keep everything in its place).

Dos & Don’ts When Packing Your Sleeping Bag:

  • Do tightly bind both ends of the rolled up sleeping bag using elastic straps or knots! This will help keep it compressed and prevent unnecessary shifting while traveling.

  • Don’t store any sharp objects alongside the sleeping bag since they can cut through its external layer potentially damaging it over time!

Common FAQs about Packing Sleeping Bags:

What type of bags should I not use when packing my sleeping bag?

Avoid using plastic bags since they can easily rip as well as not provide enough insulation against extreme temperatures & weather conditions while traveling!

Will I need additional stuff sacks if I’m backpacking?

Yes, stuff sacks are recommended when backpacking since they provide extra cushioning and protection against dirt/debris etcetera..

Pro Tip:

Always make sure to empty any pockets on your backpack before packing the sleeping bag inside so there won’t be any unnecessary bulkiness or uncomfortable pressure points while wearing it!


You now know how to correctly pack up your sleeping bag inside of a backpack which means you can get out there and start exploring with confidence knowing that you have everything you need packed away safely! Remember our dos & don'ts, FAQs and pro tips for even further assurance that you're comfortable during transport whilst having everything where it needs to be when fumbling around in unfamiliar terrain late at night trying to reach campgrounds etcetera.. Good luck out there everyone and happy camping!!


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